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The name of my blog is The Circus and The Zoo. We have watched the circus for the past years now (my blog originated in October of 2012). As of today, we will get to watch the zoo. Yes, I said THE ZOO. Because that is what this will be. All of those politicians are now crouched in fear behind bars.

Why you ask? Well, because they forgot what their positions are. They are ‘REPRESENTATIVES’. Hired or elected to represent the people living in our nation. They lost that responsibility long ago. They became profiteers. Carpetbaggers and scalawags pilfering and robbing American citizens for their own greedy reward.

There was a time not long ago where we had ‘Statesmen’. People elected (from both genders) to be orators and diplomats. Representing the ideas and thoughts of their countrymen (and women). That is no longer the case. Now the so called representatives represent only the wealthy or the causes that pay them the most. It is a system of bribery and extortion.

I will not be supporting the illegitimate representatives attempting to control the White House, the Capitol and our Nation. The people of the United States (a significant number of them) had serious doubts about the veracity of our election. Rightfully so. Instead of honestly confronting and investigating those legitimate concerns of the people, they instead decided to ignore, conceal or lie about the instances exposed by whistleblowers throughout the country.

So therefore, now they have forcefully taken over the nation and they hide behind steel bars and our military. This will not fly for long. We are a Republic based on Freedom and Liberty. We represent Justice. Which has also been swept under the table by our own Department of Justice, our nationwide law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and our international defense agency, the Central Intelligence Agency.

So I will not make the same mistake I made during the last Democrat betrayal. There will be no ‘healing-give-them-a-chance’ moment. We were betrayed twice already and we will not be betrayed again. They have no intention of fair governance. They have no intention of inclusiveness. They have no intention to defend our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. And they have no respect for our Declaration of Independence.

Protect your families. Peace.



 – a day on the playground –


It was a sunny day in the park 

and all the world was roses.

The playground toys around the gym

were spread about with vision.


In the garden of the park, the poets

played with poesies. They danced and sang like

foolish ones and praised the words

that brought them. 


The poesy poets on words with wings

within the sun, without the suns

all about were scattered.

Playground fun allowed to run

what else then should much matter.


      -Dark Clouds In A Rainbow Sky-


Suddenly in the happy playground

all the birds were silent.

Everything began to change

even knights and mystery.


Round the bend was heard

the sins, of all of mans misgivings.

In the playground, smells of men

whom smelled as no man ought to.


Two torn t-shirts, big boy, thin

stank the park. Stopped all the barks

and all the poets scattered.

But poets pass where powers lost

and no one is the wiser. 


    – The Sinister Sisters of Words Un-gathered –


Then the menace unto the park

descend a death, feline faced fat.

From steroid soaks and moldy books

his toy sword poking

maybe nothing matters. 


Into the spin, swatting thin

bull dog face fly swatter.

Came to beat the big boy thin 

came to beat the batter.

But no one came to watch him swath

the same. That was the matter.


Panjo pirate, one eyed brit

between the feathers, tickled him the parrot.

What sweet scheme, if rhythm matters

save the world. One mad librarian

a perfect world I gather!



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