Rants. raves and ramblings from celestial circles . . .


I am a writer, a poet, an artist, a musician, a photographer, and a filmmaker. I write essays on politics, religion, philosophy, society and personal musings. I don’t write to be popular, or to be loved by a mass audience. I write because I like to write about things I care about and to express my opinions so others can decide for themselves whether it is worthy of attention, or just idle chatter to be discarded.

Things I write may sometimes irritate or upset you, or they will make you think. That’s a good thing, either way. If they irritate or upset you, please understand, we are all individuals and not everyone thinks alike. Compassion and empathy are good!

I have revised my photography portfolio web site. Many other photos from my travels are on this blog. I recently updated my art website with a few of my most recent paintings. I had a poetry and literary web site, but it was hacked and crashed last year so I have poetry on this blog.  I also have a published a beautiful book of poetry and color art from March of 2017, titled ‘Treasures of the Forgotten Island’.  It is also available in a less expensive black and white version or Kindle.

My Vimeo channel has much of my professional video work. And a ‘You Tube‘ channel where you can also find some of my film and video work. Of course I have the gratuitous Facebook for close friends and family. But I’d like to keep it that way. I still love you, though. I do have a personal Facebook web page for film industry stuff, so if you are into that kind of stuff, friend me. Right now I have about zero friends on that page. I have a few more web sites you can check out on the ‘Find Me In The Ether Of The Web‘ page. Check them out!

Married, grown kids, grandkid(s), semi-retired, freelance Indy producer, blah, blah, blah. I’ll skip all the boring stuff.

Why is this called ‘The Circus and the Zoo‘? Well, it’s based on a poetry series I began a few years back and have yet to complete (maybe never, if it’s ongoing). The ‘Circus’ is where all the performers perform all of their tricks and talents for all the world to gaze upon with awe. This is somewhat like most people out there in the real world (or the ‘unreal’ world). (Much of what exists is an illusion anyway). So consider yourself part of the ‘Circus’. Whereas the ‘Zoo’ is where some dangerous and sometimes not so dangerous creatures are kept in cages, behind bars, or fenced in. Sometimes people fence or cage themselves in for various reasons. At other times they are fenced in or caged by others. Some are dangerous and deserve to be caged or fenced in. Others are there only for the purpose of being on display for the gawking audiences. So most of us are in the ‘Circus‘ and some of us are in the ‘Zoo‘ . . . and still some of us are in both. Sometimes people move from ‘Circus’ to ‘Zoo’ or from ‘Zoo’ to ‘Circus’. Sometimes all in the same day. Hence, ‘The Circus and the Zoo’.

And I’ll spice up the textual world with some of my best photos. I am a photographer and I love images that tell stories. All of my photos and poems on this site are my own. And they are available for publication or purchase, if you are so inclined. I don’t mind you sharing on your blog, as long as you email me and let me know in advance and credit me, the author, as is the honorable thing to do.

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