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I prefer the term ‘known physics anomalies’. Because the truth is, no one knows who or what the hell they are. To deny the reality of more than one material or ’force’ existence in our plain of reality is ignorant.

Humans have classified them as ’alternative life forms’ or ’intelligent life forms’. The fact is we know not if they actually are life forms by the biological definition of life as we know it.

Neither do we know if they are ’intelligent’ based on our limited and minuscule concept of intelligence. The universe and the microcosm is much more complex and layered than we will ever know.

Our concept of ’perception’ is limited by the parameters of our own senses. Which as we know in many cases, is inferior to some of the senses of other animals in the animal kingdom.

Because, face it, we are just one animal species in a multitude of life form variations, just on this planet alone. Think Alice in Wonderland. A bite of the cookie makes her small or large, but she is still Alice.

So the skeptics know nothing. The government knows nothing, but won’t admit it. And the government knows many things they won’t ever tell. The experts, for all they know, admit they really know nothing.

And I haven’t even touched upon mechanized ’life’ forms. It’s a complicated universe and we haven’t even been born yet.

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