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I enjoy film, photography, poetry and music. I am an artist. I am also interconnected to everyone else on this planet. I have crossed paths with many people throughout my life. Those people have crossed paths with many others. We live in a woven fabric of connectivity, weaving denser every day of our lives. When most of the world is at peace, we are at peace. When most of the world is not, we are not. Violence always exists somewhere in the world. Often in many different places at the same time. The world is that large. Humans are that flawed. When there is extreme violence going on in some part of the world, and we are made aware of it by the many strands of information we are connected to, many of us are compassionately moved to stop it in any way we can. No, not everyone feels that way. Nor do they act beyond their own survival requirements. But some of us are inspired and conscientiously forced to act.

My personal method is to enlighten through film, photography, poetry or writing. In the past few weeks I have been at a crossroads once again. I am painfully torn apart by extreme merciless violence in parts of the world. I am also hurt and torn by people who prefer to target a group of people for the crimes of certain individuals within the group of people.

So I have taken on the responsibility of enlightening as many people around the world as I can possibly reach, with all of my strands of connectivity. The most noble purpose in this life is to teach others how to teach enlightenment. I will teach ‘differentiation’. Differentiation is the skill of being able to analyse and process the perceptive difference between two or more things which otherwise seem to be similar. I will begin with a topic I have been most ardently involved with for the past month. I will continue as time moves on with topics in need of evaluation and reassessment. In the end, our goal is to explore new ways of improving the lives of everyone. And reducing or eliminating those things that attempt to block us from achieving that goal. The first ‘differentiation’ I will explore is ‘the merciful and the merciless‘. Please feel free to reblog or repost any of the essays. Courteously include author credit. 1-004-14SEY28 MK0018


When Copernicus gazed into the sun

the Church of Earth fell.

Newton’s apple fell

hit him on his head

and set the world in motion.

Darwin evolved from chimpanzees

and single-cell ocean fish.


I came from Outer Space.

My floating DNA ancestors


far through stars

vibrating masses invisible

eyes won’t see

the universe is.

My DNA ancestors


Darwin’s single-cell ocean fish.

Fooled poor Darwin.

Fooling you

and your evolutions.


I am Achilles

My father was a mere human

my mother was a goddess.

I am a Lugal.

Standing on the expanding shoulders

of the mighty Giants.

Your scientists and scholars

all shortsighted

believe Darwin’s Easter Island

only an Earth and an apple

vast oceans

dust whirling winds

fiery endless


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