Rants. raves and ramblings from celestial circles . . .


 – a day on the playground –


It was a sunny day in the park 

and all the world was roses.

The playground toys around the gym

were spread about with vision.


In the garden of the park, the poets

played with poesies. They danced and sang like

foolish ones and praised the words

that brought them. 


The poesy poets on words with wings

within the sun, without the suns

all about were scattered.

Playground fun allowed to run

what else then should much matter.


      -Dark Clouds In A Rainbow Sky-


Suddenly in the happy playground

all the birds were silent.

Everything began to change

even knights and mystery.


Round the bend was heard

the sins, of all of mans misgivings.

In the playground, smells of men

whom smelled as no man ought to.


Two torn t-shirts, big boy, thin

stank the park. Stopped all the barks

and all the poets scattered.

But poets pass where powers lost

and no one is the wiser. 


    – The Sinister Sisters of Words Un-gathered –


Then the menace unto the park

descend a death, feline faced fat.

From steroid soaks and moldy books

his toy sword poking

maybe nothing matters. 


Into the spin, swatting thin

bull dog face fly swatter.

Came to beat the big boy thin 

came to beat the batter.

But no one came to watch him swath

the same. That was the matter.


Panjo pirate, one eyed brit

between the feathers, tickled him the parrot.

What sweet scheme, if rhythm matters

save the world. One mad librarian

a perfect world I gather!



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