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Authors Note

May 8, 2023

On publishing ‘The Story Of X‘ here on The Circus And The Zoo blog site:

I’ll do my best to post a new page every day until the entire 65 or so pages are published here on this blog. I will also revise the text to correct any spelling or grammatical errors from the original typed manuscript. And publish the corrected collection as a hard copy to make it publicly available on Amazon.

After the Story of X is completely published here, I will begin on another completed novella I have called the Story of O. It is a Science Fiction story composed of several different continuing short stories. In the 1990’s it was collected and composed into one amazing and prophetic epic. Back in 2012 I wrote the accompanying film screenplay called ‘Seven Lost‘. Seven Lost has a web page, a Twitter Feed, as well as a Facebook page. All still in early development. The work continues . . .


Please feel free to provide comments or feedback.

And of course, share with friends whenever possible.

Thank you for reading and following along.


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