Rants. raves and ramblings from celestial circles . . .

The machine killed creativity

I saw it for myself.

It bludgeoned all artistic strides

and massacred the rest.


Musicians were first bound to atoms

and then cast down to synthesize.

Pouncing notes on keyboards

for light waves to analyze.


Painters great were also slaughtered

by brushes of true bits.

Destined for the graphic tabs

and bland electric tits.


Sculptors once again were chained

by circuit boards and digits

building funky little trites

of solder, wire and widgets.


Writers were then gathered up

and tortured by their software

making  acronym of literature

and cleansing hard drives bare.


Movie folks were also brandished

and scattered without vision

destined for the rerun click

on the mouse of indecision.


Poets, whom of course were last

bore out the worst derision

for they were left with just a hint

of electric mysticism.


The machine killed creativity

I’ll show no remorse

I’ll keep my wafers powered up

for the next new resurgent force.


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