Rants. raves and ramblings from celestial circles . . .

I spent years grouping the little bits into place.

It first occurred to me

while I was vacationing on the French Riviera.

The central mechanism would connect

when it was only supposed to switch.

I took courses at MIT

and the Atlanta School of Solemn Mechanics.

But even that didn’t prepare me

for the microwave overload.

When you tinker with random thoughts,

you always seem to find a loose memory somewhere.

It often takes hours to unscrew

the tightness from the astringents and in-capacitors.

I prefer to twist the resistors,

till their transmitters overheat

and their diodes blow.

I’ve never had too many

loose tanning oils to contend with.

Sunstroke will sometimes cause cancer.

And my cooling fans are always running at full speed.

Just in case I have to tackle the big waves.

You do understand

that when blue water hits the beach

the silicone crystals in the sand

vibrate at the same frequency

as the unknowns in your head.

The processors always blink

millions of lights on and off

a message you can’t afford to miss

even when you’re wearing a speedo or bikini

or nothing at all

you do understand don’t you?

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