Rants. raves and ramblings from celestial circles . . .


It was around the time of the Middle Ages,

no the real Middle Ages, Goth

we were pretty much scared of anything moving.

We’d piss and shit in the streets.

Damn the smell of it all was horrid.

There were lots of fortune-tellers

making two bits or a byte

as in your mouth bite.


Lots of people using stupid shit

like frog eyes and newt nuts

trying to cure people dying

from black plague, an AIDS 1.0, duh,

or leprosy, venereal disease, or starvation

from no money honey.

Ya’ understand that, don’t ya’?


Religious fruits called monks,

no, not all, Sate-loon child,

there were some good ones hear,

and Court priests walked around

all the time and everywhere,

just like today, really, it was creepy,

in black robes,

and they’d cut your head off

if ya’ didn’t give ’em

a head job or your wife or

something for gods sake.

We ate with our bare hands

and burped and farted at the table.


Now we were Goths.

These kids today,

all dressing up like it’s Halloween

all the time.

As we look back now,

those were the really good times.

Lots of death and rotting flesh

in the streets. Plenty of corruption

and murder and rape.

Now those were the days.

Yeah, the good old Middle Ages days, huh?

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